Toilet Air Freshener & Toilet Perfume- Ocean fragrance


 Toilet Air Freshener & Toilet Perfume- Ocean fragrance


  • Stamp Cleaner: Using 3 Cleaning stamps to clean deeply and automatically, keeping your toilet inner wall clean and filling with Rose and Ocean Rush scent.
  • Automatic Surface Cleaner: Build-in SSUP CLEAN Stamp Cleaner with the Stamp –Stamp will adhere to the surface of the inner wall of the toilet for a long time. You can use the toilet normally without having to change it frequently.
  • Refuse to Clean the Toilet: Sticking Cleaning Stamps to the inner wall of the toilet according to the tutorial, Stamp Cleaner will give off a faint fragrance, will not disappear instantly due to flushing, further clean the entire water system.
  • Ssup Clean Cleaner: Toilet cleaning stamp automatically attaches and dissolved - Creating your integrated cleaning solution - Without to need to carry a bottle of cleaner and toilet brush.
  • 24 STAMPS: There are three gel tubes in each box, and each gel tube can be pasted with 8 stamps. Use for two months.


1.Toilet Air Freshener & Toilet Perfume- Ocean  fragrance toilet gel stamps gradually dissolve with each flush

2.while cleaning your toilet and freshening your bathroom.

3.Simply use the gel tube to stamp toilet gel stamps onto the inside of your toilet bowl.

4.You don't even have to touch the gel tabs or the bowl with your hands, making it less icky than other toilet cleaning systems.

Keep your toilet cleaner, for longer.

5.Each toilet cleaning toilet gel stamps lasts up to days, for a 24/7 continuous clean.

6.It leaves no residue behind and helps prevent the build-up of limescale and toilet rings.

7.Use toilet gel stamps to keep your toilet smelling fresh.


This  Toilet Air Freshener & Toilet Perfume helps to prevent dirt clogging and decomposes odors. Just simply apply a gel stamp inside the toilet bowl for continuous freshness up to 14 days each. The flower aromatic toilet gel can stick firmly and form a long-lasting fragrance with every flush.

This  Toilet Air Freshener & Toilet Perfume discreetly adheres to the toilet bowl just below the rim. Toilet Bowl Refreshener can be chosen from six dazzling scents which are Lavender, Lemon, Orange, Osmanthus, Ocean & Sakura. Forget about bending and scrubbing the toilet for several minutes, now your toilet cleans itself every time!


  • This Toilet Air Freshener & Toilet Perfume Acute sterilization ability & persistent aromatic
  • This Toilet Air Freshener & Toilet Perfume has a Long-lasting fragrance
  • This Toilet Air Freshener & Toilet Perfume Safe & environmentally friendly           
  • This  Toilet Air Freshener & Toilet Perfume is Sticky & firmly toilet gel
  •  This Toilet Air Freshener & Toilet Perfume's One flower stamp can last up for 14 days




  Open the box, remove the gel tube and push rod, check if it is cute, align the pushrod with the butt hole at the top of the gel tube, insert the butt hole and push the push rod to the position you want to use. Open the lid of the other end of the gel tube, align with the surface of the inner wall of the toilet, and gently touch the surface to slowly squeeze out a stamp.



1 X Toilet Air Freshener & Toilet Perfume

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