Shower Scrubbers,Silicone Scrubber, Scrubbers

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Shower Scrubbers, Silicone Scrubber, Scrubbers

Increased length to 70cm and silicone has a telescopic function, making it easier to scrub the back
Hooks at both ends of the brush for easy hanging and storage, and easy to hold in the palm.
The silicone shower brush is composed of two sections with different thicknesses and the other side is an elliptical structure. You can scrub different parts of the body in the bath as needed
  • Perfect match: The Bath Ball in the set can make the shower gel produce more foam, and Silicone Back Scrubber can achieve a more ideal cleaning effect. Silicone Bath Body Brush can work with Bath Ball to clean your whole body while massaging, even the back that you usually neglect to clean.
  • New experience: Back Scrubber for Shower for women has soft bristles and massage particles, he can achieve the effect of a massage while cleaning and can remove the skin without hurting the skin. It also Improves Vascular Blood Circulation and Helps Your Skin Release Metabolic Waste and Toxins.Give you a novel bathing experience.
  • NEW VERSION: - Two-Sided Bristles Superfine and Coarser Bristles Elastic Silicone Material Brushfor Varied Skin Cleanses and Refreshes.The Two Handles for You Easily Grip the Scrubber and Easy to reach Your Entire Back.EasilyHang for Quickly Dry.
  • High-quality material Back Scrubber material is made of high-quality soft silicone, while Bath Ball is made of wool fiber, these materials will not cause skin irritation. And there are spices in it, with a floral smell. Unlike traditional cleaning products, it has a pungent smell. And Back Washer for Shower is made of silicone and can be stretched without worrying about deformation.
  • Suitable for the scene Silicone Back Scrubber does not need to be careful about damp breeding bacteria, more hygienic than loofah can be stored in the bathroom. Silicone Bath Body Brush is very suitable for the following scenes: at home, traveling, seaside, gym, etc. You can even give the Bath Brush as a gift to your friends and parents.


    • Double-Sided Usability: Customized body exfoliation in one simple shower accessory. silicone bristles on one side, soft and comfortable massage the back to exfoliating, will not damage the skin; the other side is an elliptical structure massage every inch of your skin.
    • Handle Design: Good toughness, strong tensile strength, can be suspended, saving space. Can be used for hand face feet body clean.
    • Gentle Exfoliation: Extends 0.4" dense brush head, penetrates into pores to clean dirt and freshens. Silicone back scrub is not too coarse to irritate sensitive skin.
    • Quality Environmentally Material: Made of food-grade silicone, healthy and environmentally friendly, no harmful substances. High-temperature resistance, safe and durable.


      One side of the silicone body brush features 1000+ super soft and flexible silicone bristles to create bubbles, relieve back itching, stimulate blood circulation.

      Remove feet buff away the dead skin to bring your sophisticated heel and beautiful feet, ideal for men & women who are looking for easy removal of dead skin at home.

      Gentle massage beads soothe your muscles while you brush, helping you feel rested and relaxed.

      Use a rough bath scrubber to damage the surface of the skin, causing skin irritation and itching.

      Acne on the back---Caused by the build-up of oil, dirty skin.

      Caused by not cleaning in time, causing the Lead to chicken skin.


      Made of high-quality food-grade silicone material, healthy, does not contain any harmful substances, is high temperature resistant, not easy to rot, and safe and durable.


      Double-sided back washer;

      Foot massager;

      Massages & peelings;

      Family gift

      Easy to use:

      Just grab the handles on either end and gently pull on them. This is very labor-saving and for adults.

      Creative double-sided brush with bump design effectively removes dirt and unnecessary grease

      Use tips:

      Put some shower gel on the rubbing band and rub the bubbles with your hands. Grasp the handle with both hands to scrub the body. Perfect for cleaning the back, neck, shoulders, feet, and hard to reach areas.

      There are raised dots on one side for exfoliation and fatigue relief. One side soft brush can create rich foam, 360 ° effectively clean pores, making your skin smoother.

      Scrubber with Handles

      The silicone back scrubber comes with handles securely sewn on both sides. The straps make it much easier to reach the lower back and it also makes it easy to hang dry.

      You can use it on all but your face,Easy access to hard-to-reach places

      This back scrubber does great things for not just your back, but all over. You can use it on all but your face. You can immediately feel the difference as soon as you rinse off. All of the roughness gone and the skin is silky to the touch.

      The silicone back scrubber has two different sides

      Our bath body brush has two sides and one is a little softer than the other.

      Superfine Silicone Bristle and Coarser Silicone Bristle for Varied Skin Cleanses and refreshes.

      In different parts of the body, you can choose a different side to experience.


      ✔️Lightweight and convenient. Suitable for business trips or travel makes your day more enjoyable.

      ✔️A perfect color will look nice with any bathroom interior.


      GET THE SPA-LIKE EXPERIENCE AT HOME without the hassle of going out to get a SPA TREATMENT.


      Package included:
      1×Body Brush


      1. Wash before first use.

      2.Donot put it in the sun.

      3. After use, put it in the ventilated place. Easy to dry and Healthier.

      4. Suggest slathering yourself with the soap first then massaging it in with the brush, Achieve better cleaning and massage effects.

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