Sewing Bias Tape Maker Tool Kit

Save 54%

Perfect Bias Tape In Minutes!


Our Bias Tape Maker Kit has everything you need to make various widths of bias tapes! As you can make your own bias tape, it gives you the freedom to make it from any material you want.


  •   QUICK BIAS TAPE - Create your own bias tapes in minutes. The Bias tape maker makes the task of making bias tapes easy and the result looks just great.
  •   USEFUL FOR MANY MATERIALS - It makes bias tape from any material you like by using an iron. Make any fabric into an accent, border or trim.
  •   EASY TO USE - It's fast, economical and perfectly coordinated. Pull the fabric through, iron it down and it's ready for sewing on or gluing.
  •   SAVE MONEY AND TIME - Making bias tape is quick and simple. Over a year it will save you money as those pre-bought bias tapes add up very quickly.


  •   Material: Stainless steel, Plastic
  •  Size: 8cm x 4cm x 3cm(Approx.)


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