Gemstone Bead Bracelets,Round Beads|Tiger Eye Bracelet

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Gemstone Bead Bracelets, Round Beads|Tiger Eye Bracelet 

Description  :
  • Blue Tiger's Eye is a stone of soothing, believed to help reduce stress and ease worries. Blue Tiger's Eye is also known as the Hawk's Eye stone.
  • Red Tiger's Eye is a stone of motivation, believed to promote confidence and self-esteem in those who keep it near. Red Tiger's Eye is also known as the "Dragon's Eye" stone.
  • Tiger's Eye is a stone of courage, believed to help manifest the courage to take action in the face of adversity. Tiger's Eyes were worn by Ancient Roman soldiers to promote courage and bravery in battle.
  • Natural AA Grade Golden Tiger Eye Gemstone, You will receive the similar item as picture shown, not exact one since stone is unique
  • Round bead size is 8mm, Bracelet length is about 6.5 inches to 7 inches
  • Durable elastic cord: Made of a high-quality elastic bracelet and double safety,The knot is hidden inside the bead and looks neat
  • Quality handmade, come with a purple pouch, no metal, unisex, good matching for men and women
  • Items include: 1 8mm bead charm bracelet and 1 soft flannel pocket, When not wearing, the bracelet needs to be stored in a flannel bag to keep the bracelet tidy
  • EFFECT OF TIGER EYE: Tiger is the king of all beasts, so the tiger eye has the effect of eliminating disasters and evils; As an energy stone, wearing tiger eye ornaments not only can make people calm and enhance their confidence but also can stimulate people’s innovative potential.
  • MATERIAL & SIZE: Consists of approx 22 8mm yellow tiger eye beads, serial string adopts multiple-strand elastic string, which is solid and durable. The inner diameter is 2.3′.
  • QUALITY ASSURANCE: Made from the best ore materials, only 10% of the 3A tiger eye is produced, and the remaining 90% of the tiger eye is grade A or AB or more. So the supply of 3A tiger eye products is extremely limited. All the 3A tiger eye products are natural, and there is no dyeing process, so there is no harm to the skin and can be worn safely.
  • APPLICABLE CROWD: 8mm bead is a little small, so just suitable for women and girls. Please compare the bead's size from 8mm to 14mm carefully, then choose a suitable size for yourself.
  • IMPORTANT HINT: Elastic string bracelet is very convenient to wear but the knot still has a very low probability of disconnection(Not only our product), please check the knot when got the bracelet.

    Tiger Eye Bracelet

    3A Tiger Eye Beats

    Bead materials come from South Africa.

    Serial string adopts multiple-strand string,

    which is elastic, solid, and durable.

    Beads Size Measure

    All the beads passed the micrometer test, and the diameter is not less than the marked size.

    Quality Compare

    We just focus to develop high-quality products.

    Never chosen cheap beads.

    Metal Composition Analyze

    All the connectors are made of S925. Metal composition analyzers is used to detect the silver content. Each bead contains more than 93% silver.

    Made By 3A Beads

    The shape of the bead is round and there is no flat point.

    The surface of the beads is smooth, without concave spots or obvious cracks.

    7 charka Bracelet Balance

    Essential Oil Diffuser Bracelet: Drop the Essential Oil on the Volcanic Lava Stone Beads and the Scent can Remain for a Long Time. Lava Stone Often Helps to Dissipate Anger, Keep Balance. Yoga, meditation, Help with meditating and healing you, and Provide Guidance and Understanding.

    Bracelet Size for all

    Bead Size: 8mm. The bracelet with elastic cord inner length is 6.7 inches,

    Bracelet Length: 17cm/6.7inch. Elastic with adjustable Size.Suit for Women, Men, Boys, and Girls.

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