Lightahead 24pcs Rainbow colored Iridescent Stainless Steel Flatware Tableware Cutlery Set in attractive Black Gift Box (Multicolored)

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This shimmering silverware set makes every dinner exquisite 

Crafted and beautifully styled, this cutlery set brings a rainbow of clear, bright colors to your table to make dinner time a vibrant experience for you and the guests.

Each cutlery is made from Japanese stainless steel and polished to look exceptional. They are not just for show, every piece is finely sharped to take care of beefy meats.

Zarah's Choice 24 cutlery pieces brimming with color are waiting to make your next dinner a unique and colorful experience. Choose samurai quality that will serve you forever!

Why this is for you

Vibrant dinners await- The 24-piece set is electroplated and polished to perfection to bring an unforgettable feel each time you dine with them.

Stun the guests- Each cutlery brims with rainbow-like colors to bring awe and attention. Everyone will complement the rainbow cutlery!

Samurai quality- Every piece is made from stainless Japanese steel. The set is versatile and easily cleanable, This cutlery set will serve you a lifetime.

Zarah's Choice is the ultimate choice- Bring something new to the table to make dinner time far more exquisite. This Rainbow Cutlery Set will become your dinner plate’s best companion!


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