Multi-layer Sliding Door Storage Box

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 Multi-layer Sliding Door Storage Box 




  • High-Quality Material: Made of ABS material, sturdy and durable.
  • Save space: Stable stackable, the number can be increased or decreased arbitrarily.
  • You can prevent the food from being contaminated by flies and dust.
  • Efficient insulation: 1. Pour the proper amount of hot water into the thermal insulation tray (ice cubes for cold dishes) 2. Place the food and lock the temperature effectively
  • Storage scene: living room, dining room, kitchen, table, bathroom, drawer

HeatFresh - Dust-Proof Temperature Preserving Insulated Food Tower –  INFATUAT- Gift Store


Store your meals while keeping them hot and safe from dust and insects with HeatFresh - Dust-Proof Temperature Preserving Insulated Food Tower!



HeatFresh is a multi-layer food cover that secures your food from dust and insects while containing the heat inside to keep food hot for hours. It is also a great space-saving idea with its multilayer design. You can store multiple plates in a single plate space.


Dust-proof and Fresh-Keeping Food Cover - 
It can prevent food from being contaminated by flies and dust. It can be used with plates, dishes, soup bowls, etc and will keep their heat longer.

Effective Durable Insulation - 
Effectively seal the delicious temperature of freshly cooked meals, so family members can enjoy hot meals even after hours.

Transparent Visualization - 
Made of transparent PET materials, you can see the delicious meals inside.

Save Space - 
Stable stacking, allows you to quickly stack multiple cutlery on the table so that the meals are organized and easy to find.

Curved Handle - 
Easy to hold and slide open or close the lid.


Size Diameter Height

  • 1 Layer: 24.5cm 14cm
  • 2 Layer: 24.5cm 24cm
  • 3 Layer: 24.5cm 34cm
  • 4 Layer: 24.5cm 45cm
  • 5 Layer: 24.5cm 55cm



1 X Multi-layer Sliding Door Storage Box 

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