Nail Acrylic Powder Set, Glitter Nail Set,Acrylic Nail Powders

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Nail Acrylic Powder Set, Glitter Nail Set|Acrylic Nail Powders

It makes the color for everyone in this world, no matter what color you are, no matter what sex you are, just enjoy your color, and be the only one in this world.

All the acrylic powder is high quality: long-lasting; smooth and easy to apply; suitable for all kinds of nails. Whether home manicure or salon use, they will bring you a professional and perfect result.

It encourages creation and share, we are ready for you to solve any kind of problem. Thank you for choose.

Description :
  • NO NEED CURING, SAVING TIME: Dip Powder System doesn’t need a nail lamp to cure, so that can avoid turning skin black and damaging skin. It's a faster way to paint your nail.
  • HIGHT QUALITY LONG LASTING: Dip Powder System Starter Kit is long-lasting, chip-resistant for special formula and advanced manufacture skill. Compared to traditional nail lacquer, gel polish, and traditional acrylic systems, it doesn't need UV light to cure. It looks natural, is lightweight, and has impeccable shine. It can keep the nail art gorgeous and shiny for about 2weeks+.
  • PLEASE NOTE: The powder colors are different from the colors you finally get on your nails. When the powder mixes with the base coat and activated with the activator, you will get the colors shown in the product picture. And BEFORE APPLYING ALWAYS TAKE A SKIN TEST AND WAIT FOR 24 HOURS TO CHECK FOR ANY ALLERGIES. Remove it immediately if redness or any other signs of adverse reactions occur.
  • LOVELY COLORS AND SMALL SIZE: The colors contain in  Dip Powder Nail Kit can do all your desired style of nail art.Small size bottles of powder but still durable. Take Your Own Professional Nail Salon With You Wherever You Go.
  • FANTASTIC AND EYE-CATCHING COLORS: This acrylic powder set of 6 colors provides a variety of colors you want. It manifests the elegant image, which will also emit your elegance and vigor with the colorful and bright nails. Made with a nail protection formula, it must be the best choice for your nail.
  • BEST GIFT FOR CHRISTMAS: The colors of this acrylic powder set for Christmas are abundant and can be suitable for many occasions. It is of great quality and can serve as gifts such as on birthday, Valentine's day, especially on Christmas for mother, wife, girlfriend, and nail art lovers.
  • NOTE: Skin test for 24 hours before use is necessary, stop using it immediately if any discomfort or allergy occurs. Please notice that acrylic powder will work differently when they work with different liquids


  • 1. Apply a layer of base coat, cure it.
  • 2. Put a nail form on your nail.
  • 3. Brush the acrylic powder on the nail with acrylic liquid.
  • 4. After the acrylic powder and the acrylic liquid are combined and apply it to the nail.
  • 5. it would dry within 1-2 mins.
  • 6. Take off the nail form.
  • 7. Trim the shape of your nails.
  • 8. Apply the topcoat and finish it. (If you have a nail polish top coat, you don't need to cure it)

    How to remove the DIP POWDER?

    Tools needed: Nail file, 10 rectangular pieces of foil, 10 cotton balls, cuticle pusher tool, and 100% Acetone

    Step 1: Use a hand nail file and file the top layer of the nail to remove the shiny layer.

    Step 2: Soak cotton balls in 100% Acetone.

    Step 3: Place the cotton balls on top of each nail and wrap the foil around your fingers.

    Step 4: Wait for about 15 minutes and then remove the foil

    Step 5: Push everything off with a cuticle pusher tool

    Why choose  Dip Powder System?

    -Healthy -Non-toxic, Low odor. Dip Powder is formulated with a new natural, containing Vitamin E and Calcium to help nails grow stronger and healthier.

    -Safety – attaches importance to safety, so it’s surely safe and easy to handle for both professionals and home users. This kit contains almost all the tools you need. Whatever starter or professional, you can find your pleasure through this kit.

    -Natural Look - The dip powder kit formula is much thinner, so it doesn’t feel like you have anything on your nails.The dip powder resistant to chipping and cracking, breathable, water-resistant with no damage to the nail beds.

    -Durability – dip powder nail kit formula has the best-lasting power, don’t need to worry about your nails chipping in 3 weeks.

    Dip Powder Nail System Kit(base/activator/topcoat/color series powder)
    dust brush
    Replacement brush
    user manual



    • The powder colors will show the real colors when they combined with the acrylic liquid.
    • When using a liquid monomer, please open the window or be in an open place.
    • Dry within 2 mins, (enough time make nail shape)

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