Car Seat Adjustable ABS Plastic Clip For Seat Belt

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 Car Seat Adjustable ABS Plastic Clip For Seat Belt



  • NO IRRITATION WHILE DRIVING: This seatbelt adjuster makes your shoulder, neck, and stomach comfortable when you drive. Have a safe trip without irritation for a long distance drive with this humanized design clip.
  • SAFE & COMFORTABLE: It is made of high material ABS plastic which does not break down easily. It helps you to avoid sudden tightening in emergency situations. It is suitable for cars such as sedan, SUV, vans, trucks, buses, and more.
  • EASY INSTALLATION: Easy to install and use. Fasten the seat belt, then pull and make the tightness loose as much as you feel comfortable. It does not require you to use tools and glue. How convenient!
  • PERFECT GIFT IDEA: Not only it helps you feel free while driving, but also it helps your children comfortable as this clip keeps them away from neck and chest. Share this great and necessary item with your loved ones!

Is your seat belt too tight or too loose? Fix it up using the Car Seat Belt Clip! Experience a more comfortable and secure drive as this must-have accessory lets you freely adjust your seat belt and securely clips it to that length.

It’s easy to install and widely compatible with standard seat belts with a 53 mm width. Durably made from high strength, wear-resistant materials, you’re sure to be using this clip for a long time. It’s available in different colors to suit your style and car interior.

Adjustable Fit
Lets you freely adjust the seat belt and securely clips it to that length.

Car Seat Belt Clip
Comfortable & Secure
Feel more comfortable and secure while driving after adjusting the seat belt to your preferences and needs.

Car Seat Belt Clip
Widely Compatible 

Compatible with all standard seat belts with a width of 53 mm.

Car Seat Belt Clip

Easy to Install -
Unhitch one side of the clip from the buckle hinge. Insert the seat belt, then reattach the clip to the hinge.  

Car Seat Belt Clip
Quality Materials
Durably made from quality ABS plastic that’s high strength and wear-resistant for longtime use.

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Multiple Colors -
Available in different colors for the best match to your style and car. 

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Main features:
-Made of top quality ABS plastic
-Strong, durable, wear-resistant, reliable & portable
-Using this Car Seat Belt Buckles for more safety driving
-Humanized design to control and fasten the tightness freely
-Fit nearly all car seat belts (fits up to 53mm)
-Easy to install, use and adjust
-No welding, melting or glue and no tools are required
-Avoid neck injury when emergency braking
-Improve safety and reduce the discomfort caused the seatbelt


1, Open the Seat Belt Clips, put the safety belt into proper position, cover it.
2, Fasten the seat belt, pull it and make it slightly loose.
3, Open the seatbelt clips and move them to the expansion opening. Close the buckle again to secure it.



2 X Car Seat Adjustable ABS Plastic Clip For Seat Belt


The Seat Belt Clip is fixed on the safety belt to reduce the tension of the belt. It won’t influence the safety of seat belt.

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