Rack for Surfboard Mounted in Bike Black Aluminum Fits up to 8 ''

Rack for surfboard Black  Aluminum Fits up to 8 '' mounted bike 



  • BEST SELLING SIZE - Fits surfboards up to 30mm Its support arms can be adjusted to fit your bike and surfboard, and the bungee cords keep it safe and secure.
  • FITS MOST Bicycles - The sturdy aluminum construction of this durable surfboard mount will not rust, chip, or corrode. Fits most bike models. Such as beach cruisers, road bikes, mountain bikes, BMX bikes, etc.
  • Easy to Install: It only takes a few minutes to install this surfboard mount on your bike, which is simple and fast. And the foam-covered arms prevent dents or scratches on your surfboard.
  • Side Mount - The most popular way to ride a bike with your surfboard is by using a surf bike side mount. Even though your bike gets a bit wider, you won't face safety issues, and the wind won't stop you from accelerating.
  • Humanized Design: 1. Adjusted to fit most surfboards. Smart design that prevents your bike and board from rubbing. 3. Fits up to 8 '' surfboards. Can be mounted on 9mm to 12mm seat posts; 5. The bungee cord ensures that the board stays on the shelf. 6. Equipped to support a weight capacity of up to 44.1 lbs.


Abby™ Surfboard - SUP Carrier Bicycle or Motorcycle Rack – Abbycart


Material: aluminum soft foam pd
Weight Capacity: 20kg
Tube Diameter: 28mm
Distance from Bike to Rack: 20 centimeter
Product Dimensions: 40-90 15 55 centimeter LWH
Package weight: 1419g / 3.13lb
Package size: 450 140 170mm / 17.72 5.51 6.69in

Abby™ Surfboard - SUP Carrier Bicycle or Motorcycle Rack – Abbycart



-Fits most bicycle models.
-Adjusted to fit most surfboards.
-Fits surfboards up to 8" 203mm.
-Can mount to seat posts 25mm to 32mm.
-Clever design prevents your bike and board from rubbing.
-The elastic rope ensures the board stays in the rack.
-Equipped to hold a weight capacity of up to 20kgs.



The universal fit bicycle surfboard carry rack is a powder-coated alloy frame that fits any standard seat stem avoiding scratching to bike paintwork and making it a universal fit for all bikes including Mountain bikes, Beach Cruisers, and full suspension bikes.

Adapts to any type of machine, bicycles, motorcycles, quad ... For boards up to 7 ''. It the essential for moving from one spot to another.
Attaches to a seat post, a frame, or even a luggage rack.


The engineered alloy framework is covered by thick EVA foam at the points where the surfboard rests preventing any damage. The board is then secured by two integrated bungee cords, holding it safely in place.  Your rack will easily carry surfboards up to 8'0 in length with any standard board width and thickness. Simple to install and because it's constructed in sections can be also be taken apart for quick and easy storage.  


Riding with one arm around a board only leaves one hand free for holding the handlebar, which can make it difficult to break in a hurry and makes the rider prone to windage from the elements or passing vehicles. A surfboard bike rack is a much safer alternative for negotiating traffic while carrying your board.


1 X Rack for surfboard Black  Aluminum Fits up to 8 '' mounted bike 

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